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Trusted Chimney Repair Service for the      St. Croix River Valley, WI & MN

Like your home or car, your chimney needs regular maintenance to keep it running safely and efficiently.

If you suspect that your chimney is not working properly it is a good idea to have our professionals asses any possible hazards before you have a fire.

We will check for potential damages on the interior of the chimney, built up creosote, cracked tiles or missing mortar joints.  On the exterior of your chimney we will check for damages such as loose brick or mortar, damaged chimney cap or loose roof flashing.

Without the proper care, rain will get in any unprotected cracks and opening, or other damaged spots on the chimney and begin eroding important structural and functional parts of the chimney harming the integrity and putting you at risk for having a chimney fire or being exposed to a deadly carbon monoxide leak.

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