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Custom Masonry & Chimney


Fire Safety Resources and Links


🧱Blank Home Fire Escape Plan:  From the NFPA & Sparky, a “how to” check list with an example map and a blank grid for you to make your own map. 

🧱Home Escape Planning Tips: From the NFPA, Home escape planning tips with some home fire facts. 

🧱Home Fire Escape Plan Infographic: From CMC, a cute infographic How to. 

🧱Smoke Alarms In Your Home Tip Sheet: From the NFPA, tips and facts about Smoke Alarms. 

🧱Home Fire Safe Checklist: From the USFA and FEMA, a checklist of things that you should do or have in your home for fire safety.  

🧱Take Safety With You Tip sheet: From the NFPA, a tip sheet for being fire safe on vacation. 

🧱College Campus Fire Safety: If you have children heading to or in college, spend some time going over this fact sheet with them, print it and and send it with them, from the NFPA. 

🧱Back Yard Chicken Coop Fire Safety Tips: With BYC becoming quite popular, we felt this tip sheet was a great one to include! From the NFPA, important tips keeping your babies fire safe. 

Web Resource Link:

🧱Vision 20/20: for tools for Fire Preventative resources and links to relevant organizations.

🧱NFPA- For information and resource on fire, electrical and related hazards. 

🧱Chimney Safety Institute of America- Information on Chimney Safety. 

For Kids:

🧱Science Kids: This link takes you to “Fire Facts For Kids.” 

🧱The Avengers Fire Safety Quiz.

🧱Sparky- From the NFPA- fun games, videos, activities and resources for fire safety education.

Home Fire Escape Plan Infographic by CMC

Home Fire Escape Plan Infographic by CMC