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Repair Your Chimney Crown Now & Save Later

Crown Seal, Before & After
Crown Seal, Before & After

Cracks in your Chimney Crown Should be Sealed

Catching problems before they become major is key to keeping your chimney safe for use.

Cracks in your chimney crown or seperation of the crown from the bricks will allow water into the interior of your chimney and eventually render it unsafe for use.  

Having us out to inspect your chimney will allow them to find and seal the cracks before they cause any more serious damage.  We use a high quality waterproof membrane to cover your entire chimney crown.  This membrane will seal up any cracks and keep water from getting in as well as protect your crown from cracking further.  

Of course there are no forever fixes and the changing seasons and weather will take its toll on your chimney again.  

Make sure even after repairs you continue to have us inspect your full heating system every year.

Crown Coating to seal the cracks and separated joints in the crown.
Crown Coating to seal the cracks and separated joints in the crown.

Before we sealed the crown on this chimney it was allowing water to leak into the house.  Not only did the crown seal make the chimney look nicer, as you will see in the photos below, it stopped the leaks and kept the owners from needing to pay for more extensive repairs to the internal workings of the chimney. Ultimately saving them a lot of money in the end!

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