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Custom Masonry & Chimney


We Love What We do & it Shows in Our Work

A Chimney is More Than Just Bricks

From the 1964 Disney film starring Julie Andrews
From the 1964 Disney film starring Julie Andrews "Marry Poppins"

At Custom Masonry & Chimney we love what we do and take pride in our work.  We can't wait to help you with your masonry project.  Restoring historical masonry work or building you something brand new.  

While the average person might be reminded of their childhood friend "Mary Poppins" every time they see the smoke rising from a chimney, the people who build and maintain those chimneys are thinking about simply so much more, such as:

  • Is that chimney's structure strong enough to be safe? 
  • Do the owners of that chimney know how to use and treat it?  
  • How long has it been since it was inspected?
  • When is the last time it was swept?
  • Is it operating efficiently?

These are the thoughts that Adam Moore, owner of Custom Masonry & Chimney has every time he observes someone's chimney; and he dedicates his time to making sure that all those questions are answered when he visits your home.